Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cousin Love

Before Michelle and Dar headed back to DC, we had dinner at Bahar and Kamran's house.  It was great to see Kai and Kian playing together and Fin and Kevyan.  The older boys enjoyed themselves as well.  It is so nice to have family in the area.

Kevyan and Fin; the next dynamic duo

?? craziness!

Jurassic Sunday

We stumbled across this great Dinosaur exhibit this weekend.  It was funny because just earlier in the week Ahmad bought Kai a bunch of dinosaur play toys.
It was amazing even for us adults.  There were ~50 life size / moving dinosaurs and a separate area of play things for the kids.

All were scared at first but then loved the exhibit
Its been a long time since I studied or were interested in dinosaurs.  The main dinosaurs on display are all new to us... however, of course they still have the ferocious T-Rex (Kai's favorite).  The grand finale for us was a picture in front of a green screen ... running from THE T-REX!

The dinos behind Fin moved and roared!

Kai was only interested in riding T-Rex

yes, yes we are one of those families!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Brewery Tour

How lucky, Fin was able to check out Anchor Steam brewery in SF with uncle Dar and aunt Michelle.

It was kinda of cool, last time I was here was with Nonnie and Chris just before Kai was born.  I wonder if the boys will grow up with a special taste for CA IPAs?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wine tasting

We headed up to Sonoma for a few nights, thanks to Minoo and Behshid.   They again got a house in the area to escape the Chicago winter and lucky for us they had room to share!  We toured breweries and wineries with Michelle and Dar.  Nonnie took care of Kai Monday and Tuesday doing all kinds of fun activities!  It was special time together.  It also allowed us to have some special time with just Fin!  

Delicious Twomey Pinot

Daddy was a trooper holding Fin so Mommy could taste!

Maybe the best shot of the trip... no he did not have any, but his expression is him saying, "My some"

A picture where I actually like how I look!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Flea Market

Ahmad was on the look out for a rustic item to display his new record player so we headed off to the monthly Antique Market in the East bay!  Yeah!  

Fin was not too happy with the traffic we hit getting home

someone keep loosing sight of what they were after!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ice Cream!

My department gave us this great yogurt/ice cream maker that makes 'ice cream' out of bananas.   Its perfect for Kai, as we don't serve him sugar or candy.  He loves it.  Ahh, I do wonder how long this will last until he catches on!