Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014


He just sat there chill'n and then.... Went right for the kill. Thank goodness Ahmad was faster!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning Ahmad announced "I want to take my son on amusement park rides". I dreaded the hour drive but knew we'd all have fun

The ride down was crazy. Fin is not a car ride fan, my mom keeps reminding me it's so much like my brother.  Good thing for Fin we live 10 minutes from work/school in the worse

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bed time stories

Has nothing to do with the post but a sleep association... I just loved this sweet boy!
Well I will just start off stating we are not the model family when it comes to sleep training.  We had a great run at it with Kai for ~16mths, textbook really and simple.  Kai was sleeping 13+hrs a night with a quick put down to bed by 4 months.  Then it all changed...  He switched new rooms at daycare and freak out at bedtime (he is not one who likes change) and we let him sleep with us... I held off going trying to get him back into his own crib as I wanted him in his own room but at this time Ahmad's sister was with us and then we discovered we would be moving a month later... Flash forward we moved, had a second kid and Kai was still with us in our room.

Now Fin is another story, he was really gassy and woke often as a newborn and because of it he sleeps maybe a few hours straight a night for these first months....  I had him in a cradle (not his crib) because it was inclined and it was suppose to help alleviate pain from gas.  At 5mths I tried the crib but he was onto me laying him down and bedtime started taking an hour... We also needed to get Kai out of our bed... and Fin to sleep faster... So as one kid moved in the other moved out.

Now the funny part (and the point of the post)... Ahmad happens to move with the toddler.  So, it was fine when Kai was with us in our Queen bed and only 1.5 yrs old (small enough) and it was fine when we got our new California King but now as Kai moves out into his own twin bed... so Ahmad followed... I could not help but laugh tonight as I thought, what a Dad... he is going to sleep with Kai on the trundle of Kai's twin bed to be sure if Kai wakes in the night he can reassure him things are fine...

Lesson:  Kai and Fin when you are a teenager and Daddy says you can not do something... Know all actions are and forever will be out of the strongest LOVE for you!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shake Rattle and Roll

Looks who so much more interactive, I think he might be our music maker!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Merry Go Round!

This weekend we went to the zoo and what do you know our first stop was the Merry Go Round.  Kai picked the Lion (stationary) for Fin and I to hold onto.

I have got to work on my selfie taking